This Time Will Be Different*: A 365 Painting Project

NEW!! The 365 Shop is OPEN!
Progress tracker: 362/365 paintings done (week 52!!).
*See bottom for why.


What's the Process? 

  • Create a realistic painting on 4x4" rounded-corner "coasters" (heavy card stock) every day for a year.

  • The maximum (creation) time limit per painting is 1 hr. & each are done a day ahead of posting.

  • Every day of the week has a theme with occasional bonus paintings thrown in.

  • Daily posts are made to IG, my established FB page & a gallery that lives here.

What's New?

In the past, I'd just wing my 365 projects and rapidly run out of ideas. Devising a new object every day becomes exhausting fast, leading to dread, and that doesn't jibe with happy art-making. This time I'm out-smarting myself with several pre-emptive moves - a one-hour time limit per day for painting creation, creating the paintings a day in advance (so I'm not posting them the day-of at 11:59pm), a stockpile of 400 sheets of paper already "torn down" to the perfect uniform size, the themes you see below, and a veritable cornucopia of references that I amassed before the project started. 

What are the Themes?


What's the End Game? 

  • Gallery show! Just announced at Pearl Street Studios, Ypsilanti, MI on August First Friday, 8/2 from 5-11pm!

  • Selling the original paintings, prints, posters of each/each theme.

  • Authoring a Bored Panda article.

  • Pitching a coffee table-esque book to a publisher.