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Megan Foldenauer here! I am doing exactly what I dreamed of when I was 12. It's not been a constantly easy or straight path, but I've never given up and don't plan to... ever.

What I believe: precise, technically "serious" drawing and painting can still be beautiful, engaging, and fun.

I'm here to show you that balancing elite-quality images with a boatload of levity is totally possible. Those aren't just fancy words - I strive for this every day.


My work visually explores connections and blurs the lines between our objects and our bodies.

Boundaries are man-made; there are no beginnings or endings in nature. Through my education I confirm that anatomy, biology, chemistry – all science – supports interconnectedness. We are pulled away from each other under false pretenses.

I celebrate multiplicity through my drawing and painting - structures, textures, and often over-looked qualities are endless in their variety. Precisely rendered detail on paper in a combination of pencil, carbon dust, watercolor, gouache, and ink explores the seemingly "everyday" and demonstrates that nothing in our world is remotely commonplace.

I strive for more extensive travel and interactions with a broader range of people (and what surrounds them) to build a comprehensive body of images that tell our story.